Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mandating the impossible

Back when I worked with a shrink training program, they became trendily "concerned" about their lack of "diversity." They wanted to have more of a racial rainbow. Blacks and Latinos, specifically. I did a quick assessment of their chances and basically told them to forget about it. They were not grateful.

The form of therapy they did was psychoanalysis. Very class connected, since it required a commitment of years of at least weekly, sometimes more, sessions that would cost someone several thousand dollars annually.

Psychoanalysis is a cultural practice as well as a class practice. If Blacks and Latinos go to counseling at all, it's for problem solving, not the archeology of consciousness.

So any Blacks and Latinos that go into the therapy field --only 17% have a BA and very few of these aim for psychology to begin with --it is a hugely White female profession-- they will not be aiming for this kind of work.

If you checked out the tiny numbers of Blacks and Latinos in the therapy field, then filtered for those likely to be training for psychoanalysis...well, you didn't need to be Einstein to see that there's a very very small pool. Very.

So why, asked I, set yourself a goal that is empirically very unlikely to be reached? Or make your success or failure to reach it some kind of moral judgment on yourself?

(It's the kind of question a good therapist might ask a patient driven to self-loathing because of unreal or perfectionistic expectations, after all.)

Silly me. They were not grateful.

As Jonathan Haidt makes clear in The Righteous Mind, when a group's sacred object is in question, rationality and evidence have nothing to do with it.

I make a similar assessment about the likelihood of Black influxes into all the elite and high status Numinous Negro roles that we see them playing in our relentlessly Potemkin Village media and entertainment. Short version: Blacks --despite our huge national obsession with them--are only about 12% of the population. Their average IQ is 85, compared to the White average of 100*. Mapping the distribution of IQ reveals that there are very few of them with scores over 120. (Putting aside for the moment the chaotic homelives, cultural dysfunctions and dreary educational outcomes of a population where almost 3/4 are born outside a marriage.) A tiny minority within a minority.

According to one study, whose provenance I have been unable to discover but which is not an outlier among these kinds of efforts, the number of Whites in America with 120+IQ is just 10% of their population. For Blacks with the same score, it's a tiny 1%.

The graph is old, but the stats have changed very little in the intervening decades

So where are all these brilliant scientists and CEOs gonna come from?

Same petite pool as the psychoanalysts.

Same game with the females. So far, in the military, women have been completely unable to fulfill the requirements for combat training that men must undergo. GI Jane/Hunger Games, meet the reality of boot camp. And yet our films and TV are filled with lethal viragos who effortlessly crush male groups with ease.

To quote Instapundit, "With these people it's Potemkin Villages all the way down."

For the sake of which falsehood we turn ourselves inside out about "racism" and "sexism" and other suicidally metastatic delusions. As one young UltraRighty has said (I paraphrase from memory), "Despite the unparalleled achievements of Western culture, there is no more pathetic creature in the universe than a White person in the throes of a moral panic."

Even the medieval pope Boniface VIII understood reality better than we do, when he set limits on the scope of his code of canon law by writing this radical piece of prefaratory wisdom:  Nemo potest ad impossibile obligari: No one can be required to do what is impossible.

*Liberals, and more than a few conservatives, freak out when you start talking IQ differences between Blacks and Whites. The defense mechanisms could fill a psychology textbook. However, they completely ignore and are apparently unruffled at all about the higher average IQ (6 points) that East Asians have compared to Whites. Or the even larger gap between Whites and Ashkenazi Jews (10-15 points). Or the correlations between those groups' intelligence and their superior achievements and wealth.  No denials there. It makes the real issue apparent.

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