Tuesday, March 03, 2015

March 3rd

Beautiful spring sun. Sky blue. Birds singing. Quiet morning activities along the street: people walking to work, to shops, etc. A great achievement, civilization. It's a shame that White Male privilege has kept females and peoples of tint* from pulling it off on their own.

Still bouncing around from my weekend familial encounters. Mr B helps distract and ground me. He is a prince.

Netanyahu doubtlessly gave a strong speech to Congress. Funny how you cannot find a full version of it online after the live feed is over. WTF, YouTube?  No matter what you think of him, or Israel, the dude's got balls and he speaks up for his people clearly and unapologetically all the time. When was the last time an American prez did that?

But I could really have done without the drama queen Elie Wiesel routine. Enough with "the Holocaust" already. It was a long time ago, and many tens of millions of people have died badly all over the world since then. It is not the centerpiece of history, except for Ashkenazi Jews. For the rest of us, just part of the flow. I'm over it. Jewish victim exceptionalism wears thin 70 years later. The totally innocent victims of "the world's oldest hatred," etc. etc.  As I've said, for being the most intelligent group in the world, Ashkenazis don't seem to get it, that having their special pain rubbed in our noses all the time, as if it were our fault and no one else has ever been victimized like them, produces a response exactly opposite to compassion. Any man can tell you that a wife who constantly needles him about some failure of his --real or imagined-- is, as we used to say, cruisin' for a bruisin'. It's psychology 101.


*Yellow-tinted folks obviously excepted. Unlike Ebonics and LaRazas, they have not been married to their own worst instincts and habits.

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