Friday, March 20, 2015

Liberal Orthodoxy

Unorthodox: S.F.'s Counterculture Churches Offer a Road to Redemption | Feature | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly:

A feminist Goddess-worshipping group inside the Lutheran church. The new MCC minister at least admits that they are "post-Christian." This means that support for gay marriage is absolute, but the divinity of Christ, well, let's not be dogmatic....There's also the drag queens of genderbender spirituality, above. And the old standby, Glide, which is slightly to the right of Jim Jones. Oh, and a black church based on the revelation of John Coltrane.

What is all self-congratulatedly and edgily "unorthodox" is in fact just another orthodoxy of "shared (leftwing liberal democrat) values." Counterculture? Ha.

The funniest section, when the MCC minister...well, just read it and laugh:
Shively refers to his mission as "LGBTQQAAI," the latter half of which stands for "queer, questioning, asexual, ally, and intersex." If that sounds like it encompasses everybody — and it does — that's because Shively is convinced everybody can feel like an outsider and need healing. He says that when a straight woman once confronted him about heterosexuals' exclusion from the abbreviation — and by extension, the church — "I was like, 'No, you already get everything.' Then I thought, 'No, they don't.' And that's the whole point. Oppressions and systemic stuff are bad, but personal pain transcends all those letters."


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