Saturday, March 21, 2015

Inevitable conflict

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu recently outraged the tender-hearted, both Jew and goy, by encouraging his partisans to make sure to vote because the Arabs in Israel were aiming to rush to the ballot box and this would threaten "rightist" government in the Jewish state.


Well, Israel is, supposedly, a consciously-constructed ethno-state, a political entity designed specifically for Jews. And no one else, really.

Trapped by the Enlightenment/Liberal paradigm of modern Jewry, it has to speak the language of "democracy" and to make believe that the Arabs who remain in its borders are fellow-citizens.

Maybe on paper, but who's kidding who?

So BN spoke the truth and now the embarrassed spokespersonettes of supposedly "trans-national" Jewish orgs are having the vapors, pretending to really care about the potentially lethal Fifth Column in the heart of Eretz Israel.

Of course, given the relentless promotion of multiculturalism by the same Jewish orgs throughout the West, they kinda have to speak up to keep face. Otherwise the double-standard that rightish goyim have noted might become more obvious: celebrating Third World invasion in the White West, but expulsion for those same BlackBrownies who dare cross into the land of the Jews...

Bibi had a choice though, which eventually confronts every racially mixed democracy. Maybe you finally have to stop lying about who "we" are and tell the truth.

For that, whatever you think of Israel or Netanyahu, you gotta give the Bib credit.



Anonymous said...

I will never, ever understand the Left's hatred of Israel. From a purely civilizational viewpoint, it is the Western salient against Islamic civilization. So what gives?


DrAndroSF said...

It seems pretty simple to me. In the narrative of the Left, Western (White Male Christian and Enlightenment) civilization is uniquely evil because it has been uniquely successful and therefore has dominated the planet uniquely.

Leftists defend Muslims at every opportunity because Islam is a Third World religion. Israel's crime is that it has displaced Third World Muslims.

Although their ideology derives entirely from the West --in a toxic form, IMHO-- Leftists hate the West. Insofar as Israel is a Western country, they hate it.

European Leftists have a distinct history and their hatred of Israel, along with their general "post-colonial" self-loathing, is mixed with the very ambivalent history of Jews in Europe.

And I think that part of that is due to Jewish foolishness: thinking that you can keep yelling Holocaust all the time and not expect people to resent the hell out of you. Hating Zionism is a not unexpected safely indirect release of that response.

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