Thursday, March 26, 2015


I recently posted this comment at GayPatriot.

Am I alone in being largely convinced that, to paraphrase Clausewitz, American politics is now simply war carried on by other means?
As the Left/Liberal/Progressive world reveals its true self more and more, and as its power become more solidified, –demographics alone will cement that–am I alone in thinking that any kind of conversation, dialogue, debate or argument is a waste of time?
That what we knew as America is swiftly on its way to oblivion and that the two sides (speaking broadly) are just as hostile as, if not more than, the North and South before the first Civil War?
It’s basically about wealth, power and status –as always– but here in what is IMHO dying America, the driver is race, followed by gender (with the LGBTQXYZ thing a subsidiary): the straight White male as the embodiment of all evil.
Environmentalism, transnationalism, secularism, pacifism complete the new religion, which will never slow down, retreat or compromise. Either one side dies, or the other.

Am I missing something that would allow for a more optimistic assessment of outcomes?
I waited two days. No one responded.

So I guess I am alone there!

I do not like the way that I currently see things. Whatever unconscious or characterologically fixed needs in me it responds to, it does not make me happy or comfortable. I am genuinely interested in hearing arguments that might lead me to say, "Well, I guess I over-reacted and things may in fact turn out tolerably well."



Mr. Freeze said...

#GamerGate has racked up a bare minimum of 10,000 smart, angry, funny tweets A DAY for over SEVEN MONTHS, Sir.

We may not be seeing them physically storm the gates. There may not be your "forest of gallows". At least not yet.

But folks have wised up to their bullshit in numbers far exceeding anything we've seen before, from demographics previously ignored and/or sneered at.

These kids are smart and relentless and tech-savy and REALLY PISSED OFF.

They've also realized the problem stems much further than Games Journalism, and have branched out effectively.

Minds are being changed daily.

I understand the reflex of "all is lost". I fight it myself on a daily basis.

But this is Something New.

I still tend to flip flop between giddy, giggling optimism and abject despair in the fetal position.

But I've still got my fingers crossed. For whatever it's worth.

Anonymous said...

The internet has skewed our means of gathering and voicing dissent. Before, people gathered in the streets to shout invectives because that was the only way of showing discontent en masse, and of finding like-minded fellows. Now, the internet gives these crowds the chance to hurl vitriol and find each other from hundreds of miles away, in the comfort of their own homes. It is a revolution planned through electrical signals, not pub meetings and urban rallies. An invisible army whose memes spread further and further each day.

UKIP. PEDIGA. #GamerGate. The Manosphere. The war is not lost yet. We'll have lost a good amount of ground when the dust settles, but there's something satisfying about recapturing old territory.


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