Sunday, March 08, 2015


A great day in Amurrica.

The Great Soap Opera and Passion Play continues.
ExC, who grew up assuming that this movement was born of absolute righteousness, has now come to see it as a nothing more than a passive-aggressive attack on the host civilization which has made the very existence of this cancerously dysfunctional demographic possible. No sympathy at all. None.

Our educated class continues their treason.
Although the decision was overturned, who can deny that American academia is a nest of leftist America-hatred?

The Sacred Victim Group du jour brings down yet another poor ordinary person.
The inverted pyramid once again. 
"Classic democracy, the power of the majority, has been replaced by a new kind of democracy, represented by the rule of minorities over the majority. The minorities are being protected from the "totalitarian" and "authoritarian"-minded majority. The very semantics of democracy have been changed." 
-Alexander Dugin

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Anonymous said...

The Irvine hoopla has been reversed. It's also apparent that the legislation was crafted by a small cabal of Marxists who inserted themselves into positions of power and do not share the politics of the majority of the student body.


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