Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2B or not 2B

I was recently informed, to my discomfiture, that there are folks who read ExCathedra whom I never had any idea would even know of this rant-blog's existence, must less read it. And who know who I actually am.

I didn't like it.

Even though these supposed readers are far away, I have chosen anonymity for the perfectly rational reason that I need to make a living in a place where anything to the Right of the Democrat party line du jour is grounds for summary execution. For me to publicly espouse a position, say, on gay marriage that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton espoused for years...years...is now utterly beyond the pale.

I had assumed that not only my anonymous handle, but my Alexa ranking of 17 millionth+ in popularity would keep it well hidden away. Even though I have had 1.5 million pageviews, reaching a peak of about 135k in October 2014, I am quite sure --especially due to the very few comments I get-- that these are robotic trawlers, not people.

To give myself time to think over this revoltin' development, I temporarily turned it into an invitation-only blog for a little while. And invited no one to read it.

This brought into relief for me a sense I have had for some time now, that I am just uncreatively repeating myself. The rant, as a literary form, has definite limitations. And it's the very rare creature who does not eventually fall into repetition. Especially if you put your thoughts down in print --or pixels-- almost every day for several years.

If you've ever had the displeasure of reading the Koran, you'll know that in Islam, even God is a repetitious ranter. Ironic, no? Me and Allah as literary buddies.

I certainly never expected that today I would be writing my 4,607th post more than 8 years after I started. My initial resistant to doing a blog at all was the likelihood that I would make three or four entries and then get bored and leave it there, like countless others. I did not expect it to become addictive.

And like addictions of all kinds, the initial pleasure derived from the activity eventually devolves into a need to do it in order to avoid the discomfort of not doing it.

So, while I suspect I will keep it going for a while, I am plotting either a) retirement from the blog biz or b) starting a new one under a new title somewhere else deep in the blogosphere.

Or, I might just get over my current uncertainty and carry on.

After all, changing my mind is something I know I can do.


Oh, and Happy St Patrick's Day to all your Hiberanians or Hibernians For A Day. Hibernia, by the way, is in deep trouble, along with the rest of Europe. Third Worlders invading and, of course, a priest is celebrating the death of his own people, along with the other secular bien-pensants. 


Anonymous said...

I thought something was up when I could not get in. I told myself that you were just redesigning the site or something. I hope you stick with it. Reading your site has become as much of an addiction of mine as writing it has become for you. In fact, I keep up with current events partly through your site. Ex Cathedra is the Daily Show for people who aren't suicidal and yet, have a Catholic bent. And a homoerotic one. I like the pictures. Anyway, how do I send you a private message? I want to send you my e-mail so that if you do make another site, you can tell me what the name will be.

Did the people who figured out who you were say they were going to out you to the out and proud? Or did they just kind of bring it up in passing?

DrAndroSF said...

Thanks for that. The Daily Show...LOL

No, there was nothing to do with outing. As I said, they live far away. They're just from a long past part of my life and it threw me to find out that they even knew it was here. One of my posts therefore created a completely unintended grief from someone who already has enough.

Anyhow, if I do decide to close and move on, I'll post a way to contact me so I can keep the connection. For which I thank you.

I'll post another picture. Mr B complains that I write too much and don't put up enough images :)

He's a real intellectual!

Anonymous said...

I know who you are and saw what you did there.

Don't go away though.

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