Sunday, March 01, 2015

March, in like a lamb

A chilly 50 degrees*, but a bright and clear Sunday morning in SF.

The longtime neighbor with whom I share a wall has moved. While keeping the rent-controlled place, he and his partner (and three dogs and two cats) have taken a lease across the bay. So they only drop in every once in a while. I find that I miss the formerly annoying noises.

I am posting partly to avoid dealing with some family stuff that makes my stomach tighten up. Given how fractured both my parents' families were, the post-mortem conflicts among my siblings about the estate pretty much freak me out. My response: procrastination, avoidance, distraction and repression.

One of my oldest friends belongs to the most liberal and very White denomination in America, one which worships the Trojan Horse MLK and all that African Passion Play. She posted something about a sermon today on #BlackLivesMatter. One of her commentors asked if their church would really matter to BlackLives and that this question made her "tremble in her boots."  I refrained from rudely replying that statistics make it abundantly clear that #BlackLivesDoNotMatterToBlacks, who murder each other with abandon. So if their own people do not really care about them, why should a bunch of White liberals?

Let them read (if they can, without clutching their pearls and fainting) The Daily Kenn, and put faces on the news stories that they probably never hear about anyway.

Nicholas Wade (see below) asserts that a genetic change made Europeans, especially in the north, uniquely non-tribal, with a capacity for benevolence toward non-kin. Very much against the human norm of kin and tribe limits. This allowed the political and economic shape of the West to occur since the Renaissance, a civil society where kinship was not the fundamental driving force. On the other hand, it has led to the above suicidal concern for dysfunctional but increasingly powerful enemy groups.

Watching a few back-to-back episode of Supernatural, brothers Sam and Dean repeatedly risk life and soul (as their father did) to save total and unrelated strangers. This, they assert, is their life's meaning. Only White people from northern Europe could come up with this.

I think I need a new pipe. The one I've been smoking for the last ten years or more has had the bowl narrow beyond fixing. Yes, I smoke a pipe. And the occasional cigar. Never liked cigarettes, though.
My tobacco use is one more reason I live on the edge, a rebel.

Watched an interview with Charles Murray about his book on the class  and culture split among White Americans in the wake of our losing the common civil culture that America used to have when it was a White country. The neighborliness that was common both in urban and rural/suburban places is now lost.

Reading the comments section, as always, convinces me that most of the human race --if the comments reflect it-- is composed of morons.

Nicholas Wade's alternately irritating and quite educational book about race and genes points out that evolution in homo sapiens did not cease many millennia ago but continues. And is "copious, recent and regional." Races, as anyone not anocranially liberal knows, are thus real and significant in their differences. Mr Wade has been excoriated, of course, because he touched the third rail.

Secular liberals condemn the Christian doctrine of the Trinity as irrational nonsense: a God who is both One and Three. Their most fervent dogma is that Race Does Not Exist and that it is The Most Important Difference In The World. A "God" Who both Does Not Exist and Is Everywhere. Who's more irrational?


*I know. For most of North America, 50 is paradise. But this is context, boyz, context.

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