Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dirty ol' man

Although Mr B remains, in real life, the object not only of my affection but my attraction, ---easily able to make me feel like a happy drunk in an electric storm, even after 7+ years--I do have a bit of a thing for one Mr Tovey. Russell, that is.

A TV actor. And a Brit. And literally half my age. And although I have seen him on the street when he's working in SF and even spoke to him once, he's mostly made of pixels. But, like Mr B, he's got that combo of a hunk of ordinary guyishness with a bit of boyishness that makes me want to be his playmate. For an afternoon, anyway.

In HBO's Looking, he plays the philandering boss who's cheating on his boyfriend with an employee. Russell is beefier than he used to be --a plus--, his ears still stick out at 90 degrees and he's by turns playful, lustful, untruthful and just a little soulful. But mostly playful and lustful.

I am not typically drawn to English accents, but in his case, yup. As you can see, not what you'd call conventionally handsome, but, well, the bloke turns my head and makes me watch Looking.

It's a testament to his charm that even though Scott Bakula is also in the series, I forget it.

I wish the young man well.


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