Tuesday, February 24, 2015


During the years I lived with my Black partner, I learned to watch TV and movies and ads racially, like he did. For instance, he alerted me to the fact that, in the 90's anyway, it was almost always a Black guy who died first in films and shows. I thought he was kidding until I looked with his eyes. He was right.

Well, now, --alas, for the damage it does to my viewing pleasure-- I watch them with my own White and male (and "gay" and Gentile and Amurrican and Christianish and Righty) eyes.

And it ain't pretty. Ain't pretty at all.

Once you have the eyes to see The Narrative all over the place, it makes it harder find entertainment that does not offend.

I will not bore you with the details. It's a sunny day.


Well, I'll bore you with one. On an HBO series I just finished watching, the most evil character was a racist white woman. No humiliation was spared in damning her, by both blacks and whites. On the other hand, the black characters were allowed to make disparaging comments about whites to their faces and they responded with...nothing. This is part of the rules of The Narrative.

Reminds me of the time(s) my Black ex would come home upset at some racial thing or other (real or imagined) and opine that he'd like to kill all the White people, and then expect me to sit down to dinner with him. I, of course, was expected to be very circumspect about my racial comments.


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