Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A painful truth

As I have noted, Christianity is a "sign of contradiction" on both the Left and Right.

Feminists and other progressives see it as the source of violent masculine superiority and White civilizational arrogance, while the Angry Young White Men on the traditionalist Right see it as the emasculating root of the universalist egalitarianism supporting the White West's invasion by Third Worlders.

The former alliance between Altar and Throne has now become an alliance between Pulpit and Horde.

Sam Francis wrote, in a review, these words:

Whatever primitive Christianity or true Christianity or historical Christianity may or may not have believed and taught, what is indisputably happening today is the deliberate extirpation from Christianity of the European heritage by its enemies within the churches. The institutional Christianity that flourishes today is no longer the same religion as that practiced by Charlemagne and his successors, and it can no longer support the civilization they formed. Indeed, organized Christianity today is the enemy of the West and the race that created it.

 Seeing the enthusiastic collusion of Catholic institutions, to say nothing of the Protestant Mainline and most recently the Evangelicals, and the Pope and his ministers, in swamping the traditional Euro communities with aliens, I can't find much of a defense against Mr. Francis' assessment.


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