Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Back from the Sierras

 What's most surprising about Death Valley is how variedly colorful it is.

The Owens Valley

June Lake at sunset with snow

Some old style Amurrican dislike of the Obamanation.
Noticeable 2nd Amendment stickers in the area
and, oddly for an SF bubble resident,
old Romney for President stickers, too.
It ain't the Bay Area!

Elegant bar at one of the many upscale dives we visited

A good time was had, as always with Mr B.


An ExC note: 
the lodgings all had cable TV, which I do not have at home, and once again I was bowled over by the universal triumph of the lying Potemkin Village of racial and gender ideology: white men as idiots to their eye-rolling wife and kids, and the huge over-representation of non-whites in practically every image, including inter-racial couplings all over the place.
Pravda West.


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