Monday, February 02, 2015


My distance from gaydom has grown quite large over the last few years. Mr Donovan put his irritating finger on the foundations triad that had come to shape and structure the once gay and now Yugoslavian "LGBT" identity: endless victimization complaints, feminist-driven bias against masculinity, and lock-step leftist politics. Once I saw that, I couldn't stop seeing it. It soured me.

And the increasing role of transgenders as the new stars in the propaganda and victimization lottery made me realize that the tribe I once felt a part of because of a shared same-sex eros was now really to be defined by gender deviation.

I resigned.

I only started looking at the HBO gaymale series "Looking" because of Russell Tovey. (And although the characters are mostly not cartoons, he is the primary draw.) Now I am listening on tape to the final books, one surmises, of the Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin. Just to see how the story ends.

My last attempt at reading Maupin was deeply offputting. Even though his eye for detail remains, especially the complicated inner dialogues that can accompany seemingly simple actions,  and he is not, in general, oblivious to some of the flaws of his characters' LGBT world, his attitude toward any person or group which does not buy into that religion is cartoonishly bitter. He lives in a cocoon completely dominated by gayness and transgenderism --both of which are sacrosanct states in SF-- but he still finds the very existence of religious conservatives or Republicans, even far way, an outrage against how the world ought to be. Namely, all about him.

Smallness of soul is what I think they call it.

Speaking of transgenderism, once All-American decathlete Bruce Jenner is apparently coming clean about his long slow descent into faux-feminization.

I shall refrain from declaring him a parable of American decline and simply list him as one more casualty of the Kardashian girls.

Now back to our regular programming.


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