Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IQ Stuff

IQ is a hotbutton panic issue for Social Justice Warriors, the cadre of True Believers in Equality For All.

In every test of general intelligence, the hierarchy is always the same: East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), Caucasians, Hispanics, Blacks. The Caucasian average is 100. The Asians come in about 5-6 points higher, the Hispanics about 10 points lower and the Blacks 15 points lower.

SJWs who scream --unfoundedly-- that the tests are "culturally biased" because Blacks always come out last seem to ignore the fact that in these Caucasian-originated tests, East Asians always come out first.

Or they pivot and say that IQ doesn't matter.

Here's a bit of info that shows how much it can matter.

Ashkenazi Jews, the descendants of the Yiddish-speaking Jews of east and northern Europe, have the highest average group IQ of any ethnic body on the planet. Measured at 110-115, on average.

What does that mean? Here's an example, from a recent work on human genetics:

“…Ashkenazim have an average IQ of 115, one standard deviation above that of northern Europeans, although some measurements put it at only half a standard deviation higher. This is the highest average IQ of any ethnic group for which reliable data exist.  
Such an advantage may not make much difference at the average, where most people are situated, but it translates into a significant difference at the extremes. 
The proportion of northern Europeans with IQs greater than 140 is 4 per thousand but the figure for Ashkenazim is 23 per thousand, a sixfold difference.” 
Nicholas Wade
Before The Dawn: Recovering The Lost History Of Our Ancestors
In a thousand northern Europeans, 4 people with the extremely gifted IQ of 140+.

In a thousand European Jews, 23 such people.

Tell me that ain't significant.

And if you move it to the other end of the spectrum, how many such people will there be in a group whose average IQ is only 85?

What part of the progressive Potemkin Village is not based on the moralistic fallacy, the contrary-to-fact assertion that something is so because someone thinks it ought to be so?


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