Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Surprised by the obvious

The Parquette at the corner of Castro and market is to be close down for several months. It has become hang out for drug nomads and homeless people off their meds. Verbal and physical violenceare not uncommon. The barbarians move in and take over a space that was designed as a pleasant outdoor mall. What I find humorous about this is it's order predictability. In the last 10 years every form of public seating has been removed from the neighborhood because these same barbarians set up camp. Why anyone thought this Parquette would be an exception is typical San Francisco blindness. Although most people resent this population, there are the endless advocates for the homeless and the mentally deranged who insist that we must accommodate them or consider ourselves bad people with privilege. 

My normal excellent spelling and grammar has been reduced because I am making this post from my iPhone by voice.

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