Monday, February 09, 2015

Progressive virtue

Every time I hear someone start in about Palestine and Israel, I wait for their follow-up comments on Tibet and China.

Never happens.

Why, I wonder?

(ExC is being disingenuous. Of course he knows why. In the paradigm in question, Israel is a white* and Western country and the victims are Third World Brownies. Need I say more?)

My lifelong philosemitism has taken a serious hit in the last while. The taboo against "anti-semitism" is so strong a version of CrimeThink that even getting close to seriously critical info about Jews induces a kind of internal moral panic.

The long and the short of it is allowing myself to notice the hugely outsized role of the numerically tiny (2%) but other wise incredibly powerful Jewish community in promoting the Liberalism that is corroding my own country and the whole West. That fact, which I have been conditioned not to let myself see,  took quite a bit of the bloom off the lily, regardless of the admirable individual Jews I have known in my life.

But that painful reality does not make me into a friend of the Palestinian cause. As I have said before, Israel is Fort Apache. If the Muzzies take it down, it will signal to them that the West has no guts at all and we will be seeing them ramp up their jihad in our own countries. As well, since it only makes sense that nations should have their own nations, Israel is the place where most Jews belong.

And as I pointed out to some hyped up anti-Jewish enthusiasts who were dreaming of the destruction of the Zionist entity, where the hell do you think that the millions of enraged and gunning-for-vengeance sabra refugees are gonna go if their country goes down?

Right in your backyard, all over Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

Whether you like em or you don't, it's in your best interest to wish Fort Israel well.

I still hear nothing against the Han for their invasion and absorption of Tibet. But then, they're Yellow, not White, so we won't have masses of mediocre Western musicians singing that they're not gonna play Beijing City.

*My own take is ambiguous on this question, but for this paradigm, Jews are white enough to hate.


Anonymous said...

American Jews have the benefit of being relatively removed from the harsh realities of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is rather rare in the U.S. in this day and age, and violent outbursts are swiftly met with condemnation. The closest many American Jews will come to anti-Semitism is perhaps reading a Hitler quote in a textbook.

Contrast this with the Jews of Europe, who are fleeing the cities in droves in the face of Muslim and far-Left harassment and attacks. It's rather odd when the nationalists, the iconic foes of the Jews, are becoming allies of them in the battle against the Jews. Strange times. Meanwhile, even more Jews are fleeing Europe altogether and making Aliyah to Israel.

We will see if the Democrats' snubbing of Netanyahu will sour American Jews on the Democrats.


DrAndroSF said...

The second sentence in your second paragraph is not clear to me. Could you clarify?

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry. I meant "It's rather odd when the nationalists, the iconic foes of the Jews, are becoming their allies in the battle against the Muslims."

European nationalists have never been what you would call friendly towards Jews. Many French Jews are throwing their support behind Marie La Pen's National Front Party, a party whose platform blends a combination of aggressive foreign policy, stern domestic policy, and hands-on economics; in a word, something that vaguely resembles fascism. That Jews aren't avoiding National Front like the plague is interesting to me.


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