Saturday, September 22, 2012

Without Borders

A Facebook friend's friend had this image on his site, with a caption:

Do You See Any Borders?

Ah, borders. Regrettable obstacles to be overcome. Doctors Without Borders. Monks Without Borders. Very cool to be Without Borders.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall,
That wants it down...

Well, of course, Ex Cathedra begs to differ. Borders, walls, boundaries...all absolutely necessary. In fact, we could use a lot more of them. And not porous ones, either.

Old enough to remember the Iron Curtain? I miss it. You knew who the bad guys were and where the Free World ended. Wish we could have a Green Curtain, to shut up and out and away all the Muslim countries...and stopped importing them here.

We do have borders, but if they define White countries, then they need to be overcome somehow. Even if they remain on maps, it's important to make sure that millions of Third Worlders emigrate there to prevent those racist Caucasians from getting to cocky and feeling at home in their own lands. That's why Scandinavia is full of restive and angry Muslims. Isn't that great? Who thought of that? What a terrific idea. Let's do more of it!

It's the logic of liberalism ---part of its mind-boggling refusal to recognize the reality of human nature's territoriality--to end all borders. Not doing so is a matter of convenience or laziness or hypocrisy. After all, Mother Earth doesn't have any boundaries: why should we?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No borders! Free Tibet! No borders! Return indigenous land! No borders! Two state solution!

I say phooey.

- friend in Portland

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