Sunday, September 30, 2012


A friend sent me a link to The Daily Beast --one of the organs of Official Truth--so that I could watch professional tennis players dancing Gangnam style. This dance phenomenon is something my friend just revealed to me yesterday evening. Sort a Korean macarena, built on the continuing global infection of hiphop. Watching the original video made me think that all of Asia was a giant cargo cult.

After that clip was over, something much less worthwhile came on. One "Ta-Nehisi Coates", who writes for the Atlantic. He's a Black apologist. The question in play was: Is GOP Opposition To Obama Racially Motivated?

And there you have the catastrophe of modern America in a nutshell.

My own sense is that, if it isn't, it ought to be. Why do I think this shockingly illiberal thought? This question: Is Obama's Policy and Behavior Racially Motivated?

Of course it is. And it is not friendly to historic America, a White nation.
So why should the GOP not be racially motivated in opposing him?

This is The Game. A Black President's history, words and behavior show that part of his agenda, like "Ta-Nehisi's", is to bring this White nation down a peg or ten. Everything about Black politicians is racially motivated. If they were not, they would be utterly uninteresting. But because of the fraudulent cartoon narrative I suggested in my previous post --that Blacks are a victim people only held back by The Man's racism-- when they act out of racial interest, that is virtuous, redemptive, noble. Any move they make to enhance their power, status and wealth is just, and we must support it. But when Whites do this, it's racism.

Marx's one good idea, mystification, illuminates the field. Of course, any movement toward Black equality must be a good thing, right? Because their pathetic situation, even after 50 years of effort, is all our Caucsasian fault, right? Even to think otherwise makes you that worst of all beings, a racist.

But when a war of revenge-by-policy is what the Civil Rights Movement turned out to be, to maintain the above fiction is mystification. Ex Cathedra is no longer mystified.

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