Saturday, September 15, 2012

Monkery business

Despite my expatriate affection for my old Order, not everyone is a fan of Dominicans. Inquisition, Schminquisition. People are so touchy nowadays.

From an 19th century British parody book :
Monachologia, A Handbook of the Natural History of Monks.

"The Dominican is known for barking at midnight with a discordant voice (the divine Office sung at midnight) and prides itself in the development of an enormous pot belly. It declares that this species ranks with the rattlesnake and cobra as being most dangerous to the human race. It stalks its prey and can smell at any distance wine and heresy. The most dangerous breed of this species is found in Spain and Portugal and it likes its victims well-cooked. Not surprisingly, declares Monachologia, the badge of this species is a mad dog carrying in its teeth a burning torch.*"

Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology Logo

*St Dominic's mother, while pregnant, dreamt of a dog carrying a torch that set the world on fire. Via a Latin pun, Domini canes, The Lord's dogs, the nickname of the Dominicans

HT to the DSPT, and a lecture by a Dominican on the Friars and food.

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