Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not mad

A few commentators have opined that the Muslim mobs that react so murderously to a movie or a cartoon are insane or at least suffering some kind of mental illness.

I beg to differ. They are acting quite sanely.

If you are a group that seeks or values dominance --which is essential to Islam as the ultimate territorial theocracy--and you can get this by displays of aggression, then why would you not do it? If a few riots and a few murders can bring to heel an entire civilization that otherwise massively outguns you militarily and is your technological superior, why would you not do it?

To be that superior civilization, not understand what the game is about, and apologize and appease...that is insanity and mental illness.

PS. Although it is unclear whether the killing of the US ambassador to Libya was a preplanned Sept 11th anniversary event, or had something to do with the Mohammed movie, a Muslim mob, as Muslims, killed an American ambassador.

If Americans decided to burn down a few mosques in retaliation...who would be the intolerant racist bigots?

One guess.

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