Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stupid Christian tricks

Helping young Black males by addressing "White privilege" in the churches.

I don't recall Jesus dismantling Hebrew privilege during his ministry. As a matter of fact, he seemed to take it for granted. During all his moments of famously open table fellowship with sinners, none of those sinners were Gentiles. Jesus healed them but never ate with them. (If I am wrong about this, chapter and verse would be appreciated.)

The deluded rev "shares his heart for" the young Black male. (I have to say, some of the jargon of evangelical Christianity really puts me off. "Christian walk", "my walk with the Lord", the Lord "laid a burden on my heart for" and my favorite: "My Bible says..."

What crap.

I hope he is consistent and confronts his boyz with their Black Male Privilege. The game never ends.

As Ex Cathedra would point out to this fool, group privilege is both natural and unavoidable. If you give up yours, it will not go away; you will squander what your ancestors created for you and it will migrate to some other group who did not earn it.



Anonymous said...

What are you suggesting? That this man's church will have any more effect on integrating the churches than the Episcopalians, the Unitarians, the Quakers, the Presbyterians or the United Church of Christ?
Guess which church has a higher percentage of Black people than all of them combined? Southern Baptist Convention. If people who were openly pro legal segregation until the 1960s are doing better at "celebrating diversity" than you are after 40 years of "Outreach offices" and "Diversity Coordinators" and "Multicultural Facilitators", you're either doing something unbelievably stupid (like showing up at a Black church in dashikis and bringing drums-which has been done) or you're just pretending and pathetically maintaining pretensions to "relevance" and "being prophetic" and "standing with those on the margins".
Then they wonder why atheists like me shake their heads in amazement.

Anonymous said...

Best candidate, but not offered as conclusive: Mark 7:24-29 has Jesus in a Gentile house, I think, and there is talk of food.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

Hardly, TG. Whence cameth that impression?

I find the whole "dismantling privilege" game self-loathing and suicidal.

As for your description of the Mainline churches, I quite agree.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Thanks, Trevor. Given his response to her initial request, I'd say that although the house was in Gentile turf, there is no mention of a host and no eating with Gentiles was going on.

Anonymous said...

If he wants to "dismantle privilege" quickly, he can follow these three easy steps:
1. Name someone non-White and poor as his beneficiary in his will.
2. Switch houses/places of residence with someone in the "inner city".
3. Put his kids in an inner-city school immediately.
All traces of privilege will be gone. Guaranteed.

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