Saturday, September 22, 2012


Although an intellectual himself --not a successful one, but one by nature-- Ex Cathedra is aware of the limitations of intellect.

Was thinking yesterday on the way home from the grocery store: when people become attached to an idea and yet their experience contradicts that idea repeatedly, they will usually prefer to cling to the idea rather than change their minds.

Not a new insight, but pretty accurate.

My favorite delusional idea du jour, of course, is egalitarianism. Equality or its contemporary (but incorrect) synonym Justice is a trance-inducing spell for almost everyone.

"Don't you believe in equality?" will always get righteously affirmative reply.

(Even though the question is so empty of content as to be merely a waving flag.)

Ex Cathedra would answer, of course, with a resounding "No."

It has not happened in a while, but when liberals --practically everyone I know or come in contact with is one-- discover that I am not one of them and ask, with shock, "So are you are Republican?", I take pleasure in replying in the negative. And after a second or two of relief when they think they have avoided meeting an actual Republican, I add, "They're pussies. Not hardly right-wing enough for me."

I have never had my interlocutor attempt to continue the conversation after that.

Does this make me a bad person?

Whaddaya know. I gave myself my morning smile.

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