Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bingo, almost

Watching the continuation of Thomas Sowell's full interview with Peter Robinson, whose friendliness sometimes edges closer to syncophancy. And they both make sure that any discussion of race remains well within PC boundaries. On pretty well everything else: bingo.

Ex Cathedra's conclusions of the last several years --quite different from his previous attitudes-- are that, sadly, the Rainbow Nation is a multicultural lie. As we have been told so often, the problem of race is indeed central to American life. But not in the way we are always meant to hear it, viz. that White racism is the problem. It is not the problem.

I never set out to have the grim view of group competition that now seems so obvious to me. I have personal connections with individuals in almost every groups that I now consider inimical to the survival of Western civilization. I even belong to one of them myself. But individuals in groups, especially the nice ones, do not control the groups to which they belong. Being exceptions, they are not significant to the meaning of the group. And group conflict is what drives history.

Had a funny experience yesterday, watching the original The Thing (1951) From Another World. All in black and white, with an all-White cast --because it was an Arctic scientific/military outpost and in those days, what would you expect? I was only a toddler then, but my memories of the later 50's are clear. And although my eventual erotic shape* makes those times personally hazardous, in every other way they seemed preferable to me.

Typical old man?

*Some slash fiction starring Sergeant Bob and Captain Henry has promise :)

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