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September 5 was Flag Day in Denmark. Outside Christianborg Place in Copenhagen, a formal ceremony was held paying tribute to members of the Danish military, living and dead; meanwhile, across the canal, a sizable mob of Muslims gathered, holding up signs reading “To hell with Danish soldiers” and “Islam will dominate the whole world” and howling out “Allah akbar” and various anti-Danish, anti-Christian, and anti-Western slogans in an effort to disrupt the commemoration. In an impromptu response, hundreds of the Danish soldiers in attendance formed a “human shield” along the canal and drowned out the Muslims with shouts and applause. “The soldiers’ exemplary behavior and good humor turned the episode into an inspiration,” wrote one commentator.

Should Danes congratulate themselves because of this restrained and "inspiring" response to an arrogant and consciously provocative show of utter contempt?

Or should one wonder, on this planet, with this species, if this is deeply wrong and unhealthy, a kind of sickness or madness...and that the truly virtuous response --and virtue must be based in reality-- would have been bloody and lethal?

These people are "refugees" and "asylum-seekers" who then basically piss all over what their feckless hosts hold sacred.

Had the protesters been neo-Nazis, other Danes, White men, wearing swastikas and shouting slogans...and had the "hundreds of Danish soldiers in attendance" attacked and beaten them to a pulp...who would complain, blame, protest or regret the violence and the lack of restraint?

No one.

But because they are racial aliens, dark-skinned and wrapped in a religion, --who riot and murder over a cartoon--the massive insult is met with a response that the Mohammedans could only find cowardly.

That the Europeans have brought this on themselves...hubris, blindness, stupidity, self-loathing...I run out of words.

Another example of:

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet.©

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