Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Complicated

For those of you un-initiated into the mysteries of Facebook, that's a relationship category.
  • Married. 
  • Single. 
  • In a relationship. 
  • It's complicated.
Welcome to moderne life.

Matthew Montgomery, who plays in gay indie films, often --and unsurprisingly-- finds himself in "It's complicated" territory. After all, the course of love, true or not, never does run smooth. His least ideological role, in Redwoods, is my favorite one. He's attractive, but not "pretty" at all; nice deep baritone. And he has enough "guy" energy to avoid the typical gay cartoon characters, who are legion. (Funny how a group so touchy about stereotyping does little besides stereotype itself in its own  "cultural productions", as the PoMo's like to say.)

Sometimes, well, often, I like him much despite the movie. In Long Term Relationship (2006), he falls for a terrific guy, but the complication, after the second date, is...
Matthew to his BFF: This is terrible. I can't believe it. He should have told me before. Before we even met.
BFF: What is it? Is he positive?
Matthew: No. That I could handle. It's worse.
BFF: Oh my God. He has syphilis? Hepatitis? Testicular cancer? He's bald?
Matthew: Worse. He's....he's...a Republican.

(Music from the knife in the shower scene in Psycho.)
You know, of course, that if the guy had turned out to be Muslim, that'd be, like, so cool.

What makes LTR a bit more interesting is that the political hurdle proves less important than that the two guys --who are in love-- have lousy sex. For months.

How does it turn out?

It's complicated.


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