Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, Monday

By hyperlinking from a blog comment elsewhere, I found the profile of a local guy I have seen in the neighborhood for years. Big, tall, strong, shaved headed guy. Pix of him in his bodybuilding contests. Then pix of him with a variety of divas and female stars. Then his list of what puts him off in other gay men. Number one complaint? "Hypermasculinity."

As if the gay community were awash in men who were too manly.

I wish.

Speaking of masculinity, just because I value it and see it under serious attack does not mean that I am therefore a paragon of the aforesaid virtue. And I am not talking mannerisms, but character. My flaws as a man are more than patent to me. If people could only support ideals that they themselves perfectly embodied, everyone on earth would have to shut the hell up.


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