Friday, September 21, 2012

Ja Ja Ja

Again. A Matthew Montgomery film.

The shallow, jealous, "racist" brother in law makes all kinds of unpleasant remarks about the MM character, a half-Mexican. "There goes the neighborhood", etc.

Righteous outrage from the other lead. A wimpy White guy. Earlier in the film he slobbers all over himself apologizing for not saying the right thing to the Offended Minority Member.


Turns out the brother in law was right. Ex-con (as we learn) MM's old Chicano narcotraficante buddy --estereotipico--shoots him on the front lawn of the house...

Great for the neighborhood.

Reminds me of True Blood, where the nasty White Southern Christians are all bigoted and nasty and intolerant about the vampires. And totally correct.

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