Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ironies of empire

The existence of words and ideas like "colonialism", "imperialism", "neo-colonialism", etc. is a purely post-Enlightenment Western phenomenon. Used by the former subject, vassals and subalterns of the 500 years of European expansion to undo the same peoples --the Whites-- who gave them the language to do it.

The Europeans --and their American cousins-- who once conquered and ruled these peoples now live in constant fear of merely offending them.

I wonder if any of the Arabs who converted the Turks to Islam had any second thoughts when the Turks --Seljuks and then Ottomans-- turned around and became their imperial rulers.

Human history since the rise of the city-state has been the history of imperial expansion by conquest. But only the European empires are criticized for "colonialism" and "imperialism, as if all the others were forces of nature and fate, while the Whites' empires --including the Crusades--were uniquely malicious and evil, deserving of a special title.

Pure BS.

Only Whites would believe it and let themselves be done in over a few words.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On Earth. (c)


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