Thursday, May 24, 2012

White Apocalypse

When I was doing my tour last week through some of the White Nationalist sites, places that are now more taboo in our culture than gay porn, I skip-cruised through H Covington's online novels about his proposed Northwest Republic.  Of the several surprises I found, and some of the shocks, the most interesting one was the sense of humor. Although the good-guy characters are not great literary creations, they are not rigid one dimensional cartoons. We do not think of people who admire National Socialism as also possessed of a love of joking and laughter, especially at their own expense. The Bad People, though, are irredeemably bad: no Black, Hispanic, Jew or Homo displays anything but the faintest trace element of human worth. But, hey, this is propaganda. Sorta like reading HuffPo in reverse. A land of altered consciousness and White Apocalypse.

There is a definite stream of Apocalypse in the books. Apocalyptic literature, found in both the Old and New Testaments, is the voice of the extreme, where the Yes or No, Either/Or is the stuff of life. The Children of Light vs the Children of Darkness and not a bit of grey area in between. It is the voice that believes final survival to be the only issue.

The United States of America as portrayed in these books takes all its bad characteristics and puts them on steroids. Multiculturalism, feminism, political correctness of all kinds, every leftliberal cause, is ramped up to an untethered conclusion, making for an ugly and hellish Alice in Wonderland society. (Ex Cathedra holds that an egalitarian society must be a police state; here it is played out in detail.) South Park's "Death Camp of Tolerance" on a continental scale. So when the Northwest folks erupt with extreme prejudice and no exceptions or hesitations, the bizarre background against which they are reacting really does make them seem preferable. Although the Northwest good-guys are implacable when it comes to Bad People, and they make no attempt whatever to hide their loathing of them, life --especially for White people-- in the ultra-decayed superpower is, by comparison, so bizarrely nightmarish that --as with The Sopranos-- you find yourself kinda rooting for the side you know you're not supposed to.

It's as if your only two choices are to live in a triumphant and fundamentalist Mormon theocracy, or Detroit.


Anonymous said...

And yet isn’t the “danger” not a white-out non-apocalypse or non-revelation (cf “whited” at Matt 23:27; Acts 23:3; nt2867 konaiô etym dust, ashes, lime; reminds of “coney” the unclean rabi ts of Leviticus), but a black apocalypse or revelation to Ham’s son-ego Cush?

Ah yes! It all comes back to me now as I dip a my madeleine in some Time Horton's coffee! ... A dust-up non-revelation reminds of Nietzsche’s preference for bringing the war of spirit up from the underground and into the world cave, rather than continuing the ‘war of powder’ (whispering campaigns by Mars-Nergal’s grass personnel) written into benighted armies clashing ignorantly on darkling plains by war of spirit from the underground. Cf dust-elevating commotion nt2868 koni-ortos Matt 10:14; Luke 9:5; Acts 13:51; 22:23.

Now a black revelation via ego Cush or Ethiopia (Haiti in the Western Hemisphere) could be provided via Will I Am Blake (the english name is from 'black'). Blake's son of innocence "The Little Black Boy" indicates something of negative privilege. "Los" no doubt as L.S. and the definite plural article in S.J. language. Spanish the threat of dominion founded in grace, also from the Latin (roman) America.

We see in Hegel's Philosophy of History (Siberia ©1955) that the negro (cush, black) is serviceable for revelations that civilize or improve (the Cushite Pharaoh brought improvement to the Levees of Egypt) p. 82 ("Peruvian bark" is surely js 6516 PRWYM [2Chr 3:6] source of Sanskrit púrva, 'eastern'] + js1300 BRQ lightning (a kind of eastern dawning? which makes to kneel for blessing BRK js1288, 755) or perhaps flight js1272 BRCh [Gen 16:6 re Hegira]

-the S.L. river flows from south to north p. 83. "huge lakes" suggests hue blake's.

-the isthmus images the coincidence of northern economic organizedness and effectiveness (spirit of philistine Bohu) with the politico-military suspiciousness of southern Tohu pp. 83f.

-the coincidence (maybe to become a synthesis) an agôn or 'contest' p. 86 bottom, perhaps in the intensification of wealth and poverty (cf today's 'economic inequality' alarms) which is the necessary though not sufficient condition for "a real State and a real [underground] Government [Regime]" pp. 85f. Cp Marx: the unprecedented politics of the underground regime of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat occurs when economic inequality is at its maximum.

-The decay of Protestant Christianity in gringo (greek system) America is well stated pp. 84f.

-the geo-graphical note on Brazil as an )unconscious monarchy( [unconscious: 'republics' are mention'd but not their contrary] suggests Mars Nergal the king, since iron, the metal sacred to Nergal, is js1270 BRZL

Anonymous said...

... Maybe we should read "Gringo" not only with a view to the Greek fraternity system (Theseus' principle for rule is the revelation to us fratres of the government within the government), but also as 'greening' (Charles Reich's The Greening of America, etc): as Irish green (Dreams p. 279 cp Ayin + js1116), Islamic green etc, also GRN Threshing floor js1637, roughen up js1627.

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