Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sorry I missed it


Love the lingo from Sister Trish about the Assisi Interfaith Dialogue:
The aim of the gathering was to encourage ecumenical thinking “outside the box,” to reignite the ecumenical flame by an interactive process which would identify and shape, as well as put into practice, productive pathways for dialogue in these advance the dialogical cause. Many of the presentations reflected this process, with the conference facilitating an enormous range of perspectives and a rich conversation.


lax-goalie said...


That doesn't make sense. It doesn't even parse grammatically.

Anonymous said...

My beef is that she left out intersectional positionality.

P.S. Is it ecumenically offensive to Hindus to refer to use the word "beef" to signify objection, complaint?

... Would Ex Cathedra rather be a priestly bee-feeder or a kshatriya beefeater, a yeoman of the royal guards?

Anonymous said...

L'ingOL at advancing "the dialogical cause." They will mostly advance a lot of diarrhetoric.


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