Thursday, May 10, 2012


The new Sherlock series has a scene where Sherlock and Watson are confronted by Dr. Moriarty ("Jim") and threatened with imminent death...but Jim's cellphone rings --the ringtone is the BeeGee's "Stayin' Alive" :) --and he has to take the call. Holmes and friend get to live another day.


Anonymous said...

Cute -- the triangulated pentacle (diamond, suit of) over Adam's hinge, with the Appel symbol maybe indicating the beginning of Lilith-Minerva's eclipse of the son. Is the apple stem or leaf a flame (Hamitic element fire)? For the satisfaction of the Self whose face is depicted with Adam's two nipples as eyes, and navel as mouth? Maybe gash of sublmating spear of Longinus in his side?

I can't make out the item below the cartoonist's signature. A piece of blueberry pie? A ship about to plunge down the torrent of water behind Adam? ... Eve looks Cross eyed -- in order to remove depth perception for her epsilons and make the image of one seem a double?

The stick o' dynamite reminds me of the semeion dynamite as used by Nietzsche of his Ego sum ("I am dynamite") also by Strauss of natural right in NRH.

Dynamite is nitroglycerine onto paper as a stabilizer. Originally in manufacture: a very dangerous task of writing: a man 'wrote' the nitro in lines onto paper using a sort of pen with a tube bearing nitroglycerine to the paper. Dyna-mite (Greek power and Germanic power) is stable once dry. The paper sheets were roll'd into scrolls of we may say 'books.' A detonator or wick (v.v. Ich) is necessary to explode it -- fire set to a thread [of Hamitic genealogy], as in this cartoon, a thread set to a burning man's navel (five lines as hierophant-epsilon, head and arms and legs). Eight lines on the dynamite stick -- for eight in tarot greater mysteries (genius Self, monad); in the betalpha letter tet, snake, (theta, wave across a race course, in greek). Lines five and six counting from the bottom construe a Roman numeral 5 or V. There are also eight lines of black lightning against the sky.

A green nergalian or martian is watching the sight in little flying saucer. one eye, two ant-ennae(ads?)

Anonymous said...

What's the agricultural (aggi) ornament o? I suppose Tet can close into a samekh (Jewish fulcrum; tent peg) Ouroboros. Hardly indistinguishable from Mem (water) in the water. ... I can't remember the Babylonian name for Eros, but Venus-Ishtar's son is visible in the lettering in Genesis 1 in the verses pertinent to the fifth day, the day of Ishtar fifth planet in from Saturn-Ninurta in Copernican sequence. ... He manifests also in the waters around Ishtar's island in CSL's Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Anonymous said...

No, the scar on Adam's side is from yhwh's removal of the rib from Manself and fashion'd into Eve. The rib and the spear of Longinus might be synonymous, though.

The triangular keyboard as the fig leaf coverings for the generative process that Adam becomes ashamed of? The gesture of 'wait a minute' given by Adam: cf Heidegger on the fore-getting or deferring on the meaning of Be.

The cell phone into upper ear is a reversed wav? (fifth letter in the betalpha or greater mysteries, hierophant-angel king).

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