Friday, May 18, 2012

Non declinism



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you're right. Just now, the youth of Québec are engaged in direct action -- including throwing molotov cocktails -- against tuition increases and rules limiting the right to disrupt classes and so forth, with the guiding principle that capitalism, the culmination of western Christendom, must be utterly destroy'd (since capitalism involves shirking some awareness to the Grand Inquisitor's personnel, contra to our Lord's original intent). ...

Québec was the most serious attempt at Jansenist Augustinian Christianity in the new world, and accordingly we can expect that restoration of some sort of non decline Traditionalism will be hasten'd into North America through this people, who recently took up the genealogical self-designation 'pure-laine' pure wool, cf "Sufi" as wool hat men, as in Gary Zukov's overview the New Physics "The Dancing Wu Li Masters."

... You will be able to enjoy the homoerotics of Sufi mysticism. (Omar Khayyam's poem c.1859 is about a man and a youth in Persia, but was translated into hetero terms for the West.) No gay rights, but the upside is a complete freeing of homoeroticism from victimology etc.

You'll be able to go swimming with guys at guys-only beaches paying only the simple cost of having to pretend that arousal occurs only because there are no women around. A shame to you as a psychologist, but a boon to you as a homoerotic androphile.

I will be reduced to wondering what the girls in the Land's End catalogue look like under their burkhas.

Anonymous said...

... All the enraged progressive coeds of the Québec protests, OWS etc! Why are they so eager to have to wear chadors and niqabs? ... How is capitalism incomparably more oppressive for them than traditionalist renewal?

Anonymous said...

For a short aiôn, this valuation started up:

»Once the hybris [Frevel; insolence, outrage; Luther doesn't use this term to translate 'blasphemy'] against God was the greatest hybris, but God died [ceased perfecting, and stands as a value-neutral Object], and thereby these outragers died also.

»Now the most frightful is committing hybris against the Earth and deeming the entrails of the Unsearchable higher than the meaning of the Earth [who is source of all life. Terach js8646]!«
(Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Prologue ¶3)

I do not see that the new, traditionalist West (Numinor? [dawn of numen as such?]) has made a return to valuational theology. Presumably the Unsearchable whose Eingeweide is now revered above the meanings born of the Earth, the dark sun Self, will turn out to be Minerva, Athena, Lilith, the eclipse moon that feigns to be the dark sun.

Islam begins after and before Lilith the new moon, with Artemis, the crescent moon. ... No doubt al-Lat is necessary for composing God (Surah 53:19).

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