Friday, May 18, 2012

My Sharia amour

If you're interested, a frank Mohammedan tells it like it is. No taqqiya here.

Embrace Islam. Or make a peace treaty. Or accept a dhimmi pact. Or be at war with us.

(Posting title is Mark Steyn's btw.)


Anonymous said...

Although i have only dial-up internet access and can't watch video, I answer that a reassuring traditionalist liberal writes today that political Islam can't rule "heterogenous" countries such as the United States or Western Europe and Anglo-Saxony in general. (Russ Wellen, "Are Islamists role models to Christian fundamentalists?")

I guess the impossibility of Shariah etc upon Anglo-Saxony and Western Europe is caused by the reality that political Islam has never ruled heterogenous countries.

Admittedly, he doesn't exactly say impossible but "scarcely be feasible" (scare silly bee fees [jizyat] sybil?)

However, the main alarm must be for Christian conservatives: "one can’t help but wonder if [sc America's] conservatives are jealous" of political Islam.

Accordingly, then, "It’s ironic to think that Islamists serve as role models to Christian fundamentalists who seek a Christian state."

The "heterogenous" quality of American culture and society makes an Islamic state impossible (so we can relax already with the Islamophobia!), but a Christian state remains a real and present danger to struggle against.

Eternal vigilance only against American Christian fundamentalism is the price of liberty.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that in the »Appendix Illustrations of _the Tao_« C.S. Lewis gives no examples from Taoism and no examples from Islam and no examples from the Buddha? though from Confucius, Babylon, Greece and Rome, pagan Anglo-Saxony, the Red Indians, and Hinduism (& specifically contra Quran surah 4 'the Women' v. 34).

Anonymous said...

But about the American president's curious genealogy, and the new literary agency brochure, wouldn't in any case President Obama be a 'natural born citizen' by jus sanguinis (whether or not the American parent register'd the child officially with the federal government as American citizen)?

We must suppose that a supernaturally born American cannot become president. No divine right of chief executive, etc. A 'natural' son or daughter is illegitimate or Weber might say nonlegitimate. ...

USMaleSF said...

He might still be a citizen if one of his married parents was a US citizen who lived in the US for 5 continuous years since teenhood.

But it would reveal him as a liar and the birthers not crazy.

In any case, it's all too far gone now.

Anonymous said...

Additional from skimming through the Appendix (removable vestigial organ) of CSL Abolition of Man: is Richard Hooker (105th, 15th-last, if I count aright) the only Christian divine quoted?

The appearance of Locke (17th) surely also is important.

Speaking of Locke, the private ownership principle brought in from the Australian aborigines (75th) surely indicates corruption by whites. ... Abolition could indicate "Abo" (ABO father ayin. or short for aborigine) + js3877 LWTN covering, concealment). Or perhaps double concealment of ayin is indicated: js5645 + js3877.

Anonymous said...

Mark Steyn persuasively argues that the president had probably been allowing the impression that he had been born in Kenya because Kenyan birth is cooler and thus more of a turn-on for composite coeds than birth in Hawaii, whose geopolitical significance coeds are likely to suppose is zilch. Thus the mistaken birthplace in the literary agent's brochure.

I must say vis-a-vis my own literary agent, it was precisely for the sake of seeming cool that I told her to put "Barrie" as my birthplace. Which I think goes a long way to explain the sales levels of my LCM booklet.

More seriously, the persistence of the requirement of 'natural born' citizenship for becoming U.S. president is rather astonishing in the era of equality. The constitution could have been corrected with an amendment at the time when immigration preferences were changed, or as part of the ERA (which nearly succeeded).

Unfortunately, if the president isn't re-elected, even though the margin between victory and loss will be a small percentage, and millions of white males will vote for him, denying him re-election will be attributed to (white) racism and ultimately only to racism -- or at most that economic bad luck permitted racism to defeat him. In a way the narrative weavers will have much more material to work with by a defeat for the president than by a victory. Yes, his re-election would be first of all a victory over white racist haters. And that's interesting narrative material. But a tremendous resurgence of white racism is much more interesting.

This even though when Margaret Thatcher finally left office her defeat wasn't attributed by Labour historians and BBC journalists to the really shocking levels of misogynist jokes and sexist odiousness pour'd upon by Labourites and BBC journalists her since the beginning of her prime ministership. ...

I still find I'm rooting for the president, though. ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just check'd the long form of my birth certificate and the typing of each line doesn't exactly line up! What's up with that?!

Maybe actually I was born in the USA -- could have been an anchor baby or something.

... Maybe I could become president of the United States without a constitutional amendment after all!

Anonymous said...

Additional from CSL Abolition of Man: The father ayin would be at rest by double concealment? (Agag, wheel wheel amalekite principle)

Aborigine morals are mention'd twice? at the 75th and 99th examples (the 99th example contains a reference to 66). js7599 ShAN at ease, quiet, rest (cf father Noah: rest & motion js 5146, 5270. The unity of rest and motion is proposed to be sought out in a Platonic dialogue someplace -- the Sophist 255a7-8?

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