Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A scriptural mystery revealed

What was St Paul referring to in that much discussed and oblique passage of his second Letter to the Corinthians (12:7-9)?

At last we know.

HT to jpnill


Anonymous said...

Curious if SpongeBob Squarepants is the angel or king [js4397, 4427] of the Shaitan lest the Pauline ego be exalted above measure (2Cor 12:7-9)!

SpongeBob* Squarepants, absorbent and POC'd, recalls rather the Qaaba or Cube and its personnel the chicago cubs.

SpongeBob (pale; yellow: canaanite; suit of hearts; with brown shorts) SPhNShBB
roof js5603 + to be broken in pieces ShBB 7616 in a hidden ChBB js 2243-7 way?

SPhN js5603 "roof" (cf first amendment: free exercise [of] the roof; phrase also in Canadian Charter of frights and freedoms, section 7. btw Canada is prepared for easier elision into the new new age, because hanging over or under the united states, in contrast to the American Constitution, le Charte (français; cf ChRTh js2801 graven. ChRT 2754 kjv bag, crisping pin [curling iron, iran] sc the engraven Quran scroll?). understands that le Canada is founded on principles that recognize the suprématie de Dieu et la primauté du droit [the primacy of the dude (js 1731) riot? (primacy sc as if before which was zilch, not the composition of God by Lat, Uzza and Manat, sc Ham, Japheth and Shem vis-a-vis Canaan].

But maybe we should consider 'roof' as roos (w the old-fashion'd s that looks like f) or ruse; or rues sc he regrets. or even 'root' as ceiling of cave world is shem-weaved by Hamitic threads of genealogical swordwork for the usd.

Squarepants sc pants, longs for the square, diamond, pentacle. But aso he repants, repents. … The sheet of paper on which Paul writes looks rather a diamond with coroner folded down. The writing isn't express'd in a thought bubble within the frame but occurs below (or above the line).

Two front teeth (for Christmas, allah want for Xmas is mytwo front teeth, into 'mouth') look like chick (schick) lets.

Raising clench'd fists in power symbolism.

In terms of ShBB as broken in pieces (pieces cf also SpongeBob as angel-king, also Leviathan personnel unit js4414ff), we can see perhaps Paul's mouth and eyes-nose as Resh and a Tsadeh, since js7518 RTs means 'piece' (which for us recalls peace, shalom, islam). If Paul's closed, frowning mouth is a wav, and his chrome dome as Kaf, we can see fishook (tsadeh) for a scrambled "furnace" KWR 3564.

*P.S. re 4420 sea as salt(land): »… After nine days, I let the Horus run free cause the desert had turn’d to sea. The Ocean is a desert with its life underground and the prefect disguise above. Under the cities fibs a heart maid of Adam but the human swill give No-ground.«
-in that case, the Leviathan is a land monster, Behemoth?

Anonymous said...

The wavy 11's above and below the feather pen, sc the 22 mysteries of the betalpha?

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