Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Duchess of Upstairs, Downtonstairs Hotel

Just finished watching a late 90s Brit high-class soap, The Grand. Centered on a hotel in Manchester in the years after WWI. A bit of Upstairs, Downstairs and Downton Abbey, but the hotel setting was like Duchess of Duke Street. Punchy and very plot heavy.

Found out that the writer is Russel T Davies, who's given us Queer as Folk, some Doctor Who and Torchwood (both the great weekly series with Captain Jack Harkness, the great Children of Earth miniseries and the excruciating dog's breakfast miniseries Miracle Day).

I continue to be drawn to stories where human passion has to play out within constricted social norms and roles.


Anonymous said...

What about when stuff has to "play out within constricted social norms and roles" as in the movie book 'Hunger games' (which I've not seen)?

The bizarre name ‘Katniss[bkw sintaKs, syntax (a fee, levy, tribute for the game) Everdeen[verde (green) E’en (even)’ prompts Catnip Evergreen, with the insertion of p and gr, as in gpr gipper, gyp-er.

*Katniss -- a type of arrow head plant; Saggitaria. cf zodiac archer; also the Artemis crescent moon worship’d by Muslims, with their creascent scimitars (they didn’t conquer by sword or genealogical Hamitic suit of genealogy, but by threatening to genealogically advise the Musa (guy taken from the waters) more than the simple valuational reversalism that the Green Man tells him.

*Everdeen -- boar pasture, or boar of the devon (British aboriginals, autochthons).

Anonymous said...

Boar -- 'Ever' 'Eofor -- obviously cognate with heifer. The bulb root of the Katniss plant looks kind of reddish. ...

Anonymous said...

Additional on a will-to-power "one for the Gipper" via Hunger Games (Hung(ari): European language that doesn't reveal 'be'] + erga [works, sacraments] + Games marriage, in this case not reveal'd not sacred):

Gipper as Reagan whose letters rescramble to Machiavelli's Niger negaaR. "Ronald" a scot (sc Greek system 'dark') form of reginald 'old reneg' (morning in america was the same old say mould). Thus the infamous bumpersticker 'Don't Renig" means "pedal to the metal" toward the cliff of this mourning.

The old man is American Uncle Remus? (bromance with Romulus: kill'd for leaping over AWOL). American Uncle Remus who affirms "slavery": sc, in Weber's terms, the capitalist arrangement where worker spirits are formally free (free to do the bohu they wish in interpretational selfing in which They appear to their self units materially enslaved: they have no choice but to receive self units "matter" from Nature, which simply happens apart from Them. Hegel: Nature and spiritual workers are opposite, but not co-inciding opposites whose unity is the truth of the object. Marx: »Nature, as the pre-existing arsenal of all objects of labour«

Accordingly, spirit mustn't upadana to matter during non-selfing. As if essenceless: Sartrean non-essential existence. (Cf that D.C. "non-essential workers" may stay home during a blizzard.)

Anonymous said...

Alexander Kojève, introduction to how to lecture on Hegel, p. 159. Marx, Capital book iii ch 48 end of 2d ¶ of § III.

In order for spiritual workers' dependence upon Nature for matter not to become the foundation of conscious political rule over spirits, spirits must covenant not to do mimetic rivalry that results in revelation that spirits constituted Nature: spirits that reveal'd to their ego that spirit constituted nature before in the beginning could rule the base Selfs. All Selfs must agree to manifest only as an 'ensemble of social relations': Man shall be unthinkable, inconceivable except in functions of socialism. ...

Or the base would be ruled by noble Rite personnel if Melchizedek Noah Grand Inquisitor reveal'd the truth not only of man but also of God to his "strong" personnel, sc that Melchizedek is Noah, father. (Nietzsche: the connection of Dionysos Nergal and Apollo Sun.) Such spirits would not be non-essential existences, but genuinely authentic Selfs. Jacob, who stands third, sc Nergal, in the planetary line of Abraham, is bless'd (Hegelian recognition as "Master"?) by the God-man as having struggled with the God-man(mortal) and prevail'd (sarah'd, stated). Jacob would not pretend to have only formalist selfing.

Marx loc cit: the "vulgar" are "at home" in the "outward appearances," sc are at home in 'the world.'

Cf Machiavelli, Prince ch 18 re only vulgar in the world, and warning to the few vs being 'taken in' by appearances. No need to leave the world and enter 'this world' in order to understand. Perhaps perspectival understanding is possible only in the world, and impossible in this world. "The world" is the privileged perspective for understanding "this world," flight, cheled, hegira.

"Vulgar" isn't a refutation; the vision of the vulgar is accurate enough, but needs revaluation. Fleeing the world into this world isn't a revaluation. "This life" fleeing the world. "The life" connotations of prostitution canaanitism.

Anonymous said...

On Jacob Hegelianly recognized as "master" by the God-man:

Israel 32:28
YShRAL 3478, 3479 (nt3478, 3479 are Nazareth, Nazaret; Nazarênos)
as from 8280-85 ShRH (power, remnant [n.b. cp 8294, 8311, 5628], lady, fortification, wall, band, ) from 8323-26. n.b. cf 5626-26 SRH from 5493, 5494, 5494. 2114-6. 1418.
-'navel' in this connection maybe should, by subsequent language development, remind us of naval, sc ship of state.

js3157 YZROAL God will sow

At the Jabbok river, east of the Jordan. js2999 YBQ from 1238 BQQ to empty, spread out as vine.
-but cf 2968 YAB desire. long + 1056-59 BKH weeping

Jacob's crossing the stream with his life integral but thwarted by a man similar to thwarting of Achilleus by Scamandros (Republic 391b. Cratylus 391e Protagoras 340a. Iliad 21
-Achilleus divides a company into two for sake of killing (Iliad 21 line 3), for our disgust as educated by Homer, who surely sees how vile and peevish (immature, doesn’t ‘man up’) Achilles is, also Agamemnon. Plato emphasizes this for us by showing Socrates arguing that Homer should be expurgated to make the Gods and Demigods seem seemly, kalos, respectable. … How can Traditionalist Francis Fukuyama and Victor D. Hanson et al can insist we foment today a glorious pagan warrior culture?! Jacob the generator divides his company in two in order perhaps to save at least one. (The warriors that Jacob generated were not mighty men like Esau’s 400 but the tribes who land on earth in war of spirit.) Lady Astor “there are only 400 persons whom Esau really knows.”
-yhwh’s Moses’ staff split the waters of the Red Sea, and Israel was not thwarted by the Red Sea in crossing over. But Pharaoh’s horsemen died rather as did the Trojans in the River Scamandros.

Anonymous said...

Romulus bkw Islam shalom (A)mor? or js7311, 7213 high, raiser? (After his "death", Romulus is worship'd as Quirinus guvn'r of Assyria, cf Luke 2:2 nt2958 Kurênios, sc Baal [kurios] of shalom, Islam [eirênê nt1515 (etym join), peace(shalom)].

Kierkegaard: truth (the veiling, unveiling, reveiling, re-unveiling, etc, system) is subjectivity vis-a-vis the object. Without interpretation or the truth system (revelation de-revelation, re-revelation etc), Nature or being or ousia or essence would appear only as if value-neutrally meaningless unintelligible chaos, tohu. Maybe so. But this wouldn't establish that bohu isn't implicated in Nature.

Filioque. War of spirit presumably occurs because spirit must proceed or work both from father as genealogy'd by Ham and from the son, Canaan, since within him is extra input from man. (Noah's vine and eucharist, the military sacrament or mystery, after the Flood indicates that the Flood was a sort of war.

"America falls apart; there’s no state to hold; the nevertheless randy Ayn of libertarianism is loosed upon the founding."

Anonymous said...

first lines of the Iliad, sarcastic, eh?

We would not suppose that these lines are a celebration of a "pagan warrior ethic":
»Sing, o Muse, the frustration of European Selfs with Hobbesian caution, which put pains millionfold upon the flower of their youth in the Great War. Boys hurl'd in multitudes to the House of Hades, giving their bodies to be the delicate feasting of machine guns, burning phosphorus and poison gas.«

If ye boys stop killing each other, thus 'losing faith with' the Dead Selfs, we shall not sleep but will, oh, we don't know, move on from military immolations to immolations via domestic policy (enemies of the revolution, kulaks, theistic believers, ...).

But Selfs don't have to avoid satisfying aggressions directly via war of spirit and axiomachy among Them. What's so bad about violent "death"? (The favourites of the Gods die young, and get to take a seat in the theatre to watch the rest of the spectacle.)

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