Thursday, May 03, 2012

New slogan I just thought up

This would make an excellent bumper sticker:

Patriarchy: Mother Nature's Way

It's a true fact. Really it is.

Responding to Nathan's query:

A Phallic Phont



Anonymous said...

And on the front bumper, stick »Lao-Tsu Provides the Wu Way«? (no karma)

Anonymous said...


I wonder what sort of fonts it should have.

I do bleev there are places on the net/web/seive where you can put up designed bumperstickers and such like for online sale. Mr. "Jackhammer" would gno.


Anonymous said...

The serifs on this miniscule are ganz glans, but sans testicule.

I am tempted to give this to a shrink, to see what sort of Ooh Ee Ooh Ah Ah he would pronounce over it.


Anonymous said...

Another possible bumper slogan: »Women Voting for Father Nanny State: it's Marriage-Rejecting Guys' Way«

P.S. I suppose if Julia of "Life of Julia" has a son, he'd look like Corey Baker.

Anonymous said...

Goethe the Chateau Artiste Desublimational Player: »Don't let your eternal composite girlfriend draw you on to marriage and civilization.«

Anonymous said...

Maybe the whole governmental dependency thing is irrelevant, and the name Julia was selected sc Jew Leah/Leo. ... Rachel sc Heidegger and Leah sc Strauss in Robert D. Sacks' "The Lion and the Ass: a commentary on the book of Genesis." ... "Life o' Julia" to be pronounced "Levva* [sc borrowing no doubt at unfair interest from] Jew Leah"?

*js3867 LWH

Hang in there, though. Eid al-Fitr will arrive before you know it!

Anonymous said...

I'm just an intellectual Canadian white who with the richness of his lack of life experience will more often than not crank out better reckless exegetical guesswork than most other demographic types.

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