Wednesday, May 16, 2012

H8ers In Living Color

In the wake of O's evolution on gay marriage, we meet again the well-known fact that Blacks, and Black churches, are famously and massively against this idea. And indeed, famously unfriendly to gays. Hence, the down-low phenomenon, which certainly doesn't help to slow Black HIV infection rates.

James Lileks, on Ricochet, responds. His relevant remarks begin around 9:46 and end around 11:04.

Yeah, those hateful, bigoted, ignorant Mormons.

ExCathedra can't help noticing that these very moral Christian Black folks also support in reality, if not in theory, the single most self-destructive behavior in their racial group: a 70 percent illegitimacy rate. Be that as it may...

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Anonymous said...

This year International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), 17 May, happens to fall on Al-Nakba day in the Islamic calendar.

Perhaps a powerful and healing demonstration of inclusion against hate would be to organize marches uniting demands for a restoration of 1967 borders with demands for accepting gay marriage.

Lut le veut!

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