Friday, May 18, 2012

Musings afore lunch

If Heraklitus is right and character is fate, I'm screwed.

During a Mothers Day phone call, my mom mentioned that a company my bro in law is working for might open a store in SF and there was some talk of asking me to manage it. (Very doubtful on both counts.) I laughed to think that I would end my days selling dishes and silverware. I mentioned to her that one of the shocks of my life came when I realized that, despite my own values and how I come across to people, I am a very restless man. She said that I had already done everything under the sun, so it would not be odd to her. My family is very good to me but I sometimes wonder if they talk about me in puzzled terms of "What the hell is up with that guy now?"

Quite ironically, in the last year I have seen two museum exhibits based on women's fashions at the instigation of very guy-ish Mr B. But in both cases, his and my interest was in the technology rather than the aesthetics. In one exhibit, there were dozens of very complex dresses all made out of paper. And in the second, dozens of talking (and singing) mannekins.  I continue to be baffled at the obsession of homosexual men with women's clothing and hair.  I understand the psychology of it intellectually, but I really don't "get" it.

Found a funny quote from Hannah Arendt, of all people. In every generation Western civilization is invaded by tribes of barbarians. We call them "children."

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