Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two thoughts with coffee

First. In the liberal mind, poverty is always the result of injustice. Those who have less have less only because those who have more --usually only non-Democrats-- have more. It is an astonishing idea. But it always makes "poverty" an issue of class struggle. And it pathologizes success (for non-Democrats).

In a "just world", a utopian fantasy which liberals refer to shockingly often --and I include anocranial Catholic "social justice*" doctrine-- there would be no poverty. On another planet and among another species. Angels, maybe?

But then, as anyone knows who cares to investigate, "poverty" is an utterly elastic word, far more useful as a rhetorical device than as a description of condition.

Second, one of the most overweening and symbolically tyrannical acts of the American government is the Americans With Disabilities Act.For a tiny minority of the population, the Federal government has required massive spending by private concerns and on private property. It was preceded by the Civil Rights Act and all the subsequent anti-discrimination laws, the jaw-dropping overreach of Kelo, and its progeny continues with Obamacare Individual Mandate.

*I like smart-mouthed Kathy Shaidle's definition of social justice as "the stubborn application of unworkable solutions to imaginary problems."

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Anonymous said...

Maybe among Godwin's [apparently] "sexless angels"? ... Seems to me "poverty" usually does resolve into "having to work for a living" or "livlihood," in the pickwickian sense of allowing capitalist Melchizedek to scoop up some surplus value for personnel.

Marx demands the right to individualistically do whatever he wants whenever he wants (hunting, fishing, shepherding, critiquing stuff after a free dinner of earthly bread) with the generalized administrative non-political socially "just Ego" picking up the karmic tab or wei in the role of the Prodigal (German Ideology, Tucker ed. p. 160).

The free development of each Self shall be the condition for the free development of everything (Comm Manif. end of II). Free. Free. Free. Entitlement, and yet so much busyness!

Otherwise one can't make sense or even trans-sense out of the Orbis etc publications that keep saying that if we all march someplace and shout loud enough the government will freely develop ourselves for us.

Also this description of liberation theology in praxis from the Comm Manifesto: "Establishment of industrial armies, especially in agriculture." No wonder the RCC's base communites came to zilch and Latin Americans prefer'd switching to pentecostal Christianity. ... Who enjoys working? Only Calvinists expecting a heavenly reward and intellectuals doing critiques in the British Museum while Engels' inherited wealth via wage slavery in factories pay'd the bills, while additionally providing for sexual misbehaviour opportunities during one's leisure.

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