Saturday, December 10, 2011

Provocative Perry

Maybe because I am a therapist I tend to listen twice and more closely to things that provoke people to instant reactivity. So I am of the opinion that while it may not help his candidacy, Rick Perry's provocative juxtaposition does point out a truth about the wider implications of the culture wars.

It is indeed strange when the government mandates the open service in the military of a tiny minority of people whose sexuality, until ten minutes ago, historically speaking, was almost universally condemned while at the very same time continues to marginalize or erase some of the most traditional symbols of American culture, especially when it comes to the Christian religion, the religion of the vast majority of Americans.

And it is generally the same groups of people who are behind both moves.

One of the moments in my conversion to conservatism was when I realized that liberalism is not about widening opportunity and freedom (as it advertises itself to be) but simply about replacing successful and therefore dominant majorities with dominance by grievance-based minorities.

That’s no way to run…anything,
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