Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Against nature

As a favor to a local friend, whose atavistic ways include subscribing to the tree-killing local newspaper, The SF Chronicle, I read the aforementioned publication this morning. Some interesting stuff here and there. Could it be true that between 1930 and 1940 San Francisco's population only increased by 142?

But one story, from Massachusetts, made me shake my head. A close high school football game was decided by post-game officials in favor of the supposedly losing team because the quarterback who took the last "winning" touchdown raised his arm.

Raised his arm? I'm thinking, "What did he do? Did he make the Nazi salute? Did he give the other team the finger?"

No, Ex Cathedra, neither of these rude gestures did he make. His crime was that he raised his arm as a sign of victory. He broke the rule, says the article, against "celebrating."

Young men, playing football...I repeat, young men, playing football...may not "celebrate" on the field.

(For Ex Cathedra's reactions and responses, fill in this blank. You know the drill. _____________________________________________________________________________!!!)

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