Sunday, December 04, 2011

Saturday Night Lie

Ok, that was a little cheap.

But this video of SNL mocking Obama's powerlessness --he's #11 in the country-- also shows the jump-out-at-you oddity of how this President, and only this President is portrayed. The actor looks like him but makes no attempt whatever to sound like him. If you heard this as an audio and did not know who it was, you'd never imagine it was Barry Hussein O.

Because I am not clean of heart, I conclude that it is fear of being accused of racism --having a white actor in lightskinnedblackface also mock O's cadences and phrasing-- that prevents this character --for the first time in the ancient history of this satirical comedy show-- from being actually imitated. He is merely indicated.

And from the unclean heart, I say, "Cowards and liars."

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