Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free(k) market

From the San Francisco Chronicle's selection of past stories for the day.


Dec. 20: Police Sergeant O'Keefe has been called on to crack some pretty hard chestnuts but none like that he faced yesterday when a young woman walked into the police bureau at the Ferry Building and abruptly inquired: "Where can I buy a baby?" The enquirer was Mrs. H.A. James, who explained that she thought she could not present her hubby with a more appropriate Christmas gift than a bouncing baby boy and she further declared she wanted to buy, borrow or adopt a little one with blue eyes. Mrs. James was directed to the San Francisco Nursery for Homeless Children and she departed eagerly to look over the waifs and select one to bring her husband Christmas joy.

I'll bet she got a baby more easily than you can get a dog now.

HT to faithful Quranicle reader B.

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Mr. Felix Lector said...

You are lucky to live in an area with such an excellent newspaper.

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