Monday, December 19, 2011

Tiz a puzzlement

A documentary on gay bars in small towns in the South. The surrounding Bible Belt culture is not friendly, of course, making homo life claustrophobic and sometimes dangerous.  But damn, the drag queens. All over the place. Inescapeable.

Aside from the obvious problem, you know what strikes me about drag queens? Utter lack of originality, like some freakish verbal-visual loop of histrionics and sadism played over and over and over. You meet one, you met 'em all. Boring as shit.

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Mr. Freeze said...

I've seen that documentary. It's sweet and sad and somehow very scary.

While I think the common tranny brigade has ruined teh ghey everywhere at this point ... I really wonder if its now omni-present gender dysphoria began specifically as *that*.

From my own travels in such formerly-underground circles ... I can attest that my initial desire for theatrical androgyny came from a very passionate "Fuck You". It was an outcasts act of defense and offense. An attempt to circumvent any potential attack which might occur, self-satirize it, and render it harmless. To make oneself immune to embarrassment and humiliation.

It most certainly did not glamorize victimhood. It defied it.

Now that gay people have reached such a sizable level of acceptance in our society, such a statement is not really necessary for most, or effective.

It's gone from a sort of satirical self-deprecation, to a thoughtless self-sabotage. Promoted to everyone in an unprecedented way which is inaccurate and glorified.

And most certainly boring as shit.

I would never expect you to *like* this guy ... but I think his life and body of work speaks volumes about the fop, the dandy, and the drag queen ... cutting to the root of the initial psychology behind such transgressions.

While underneath all the madness and "histrionics", his masculinity somehow remains very, very apparent. As does his brilliance.

And he was anything but boring.

His motives and methods mirrored my own, in many ways.

And in all honesty ... those motives have never changed for me. Regardless of my change in method.

Here's the full documentary on him here.

I just watched it again. Because of this post.

I still miss him almost as much as I miss myself.

'Tis a Puzzle ...

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