Thursday, December 08, 2011

Out of the mouths of bishops

New social justice loving Episcopal bishopette of Washington DC plans to grow and revitalize the dying denomination by focusing on....immigration reform.

She says, "We’re the most inclusive church in the world that’s the tiniest church in Christendom."

New Episcopal bishopess in drag*

How's that workin out for ya? Any possible cause and effect there, Your Grace?

Even I am not so thick as to believe that merely being liberal is a sufficient reason to explain a church's decline. But apparently it doesn't help.

*The vestments of the Catholic priesthood --which Anglicans rejected for 300 years before donning again-- are clothes for men, ever worn only by men. Just because they are flowing does not make them female clothes, even if females put them on. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

C. of E. (Church of Perfidious Albion) in America wishes to control "immigration [i'm migration sc the non-ego sum of philistia, palestine, the neo-Muslims who are kuffars, philistines?]. Maybe America's C. of E. really is the most ink clue sieve church in (subterraneanizing) Christendom.

Anglicans ty'd Newman up in knots by cleverly exploiting the RCC's naive-cynical clumsy official endorsement of prudential "truth" etc.

I daresay a contemptible mask, as of a church that is ruining its worldly presence, can hide clever worldly power instincts. The cost is only a culture of contemptibility and inner nausea. But how else shall America socially construct desublimational institutions? ... Our young Straussian white males may underestimate perfidious Albion at prayer. Iron and Blood isn't control'd by Realpolitik speeches about iron and blood.

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