Monday, December 19, 2011

Aliens in high places

The despicable Eric Holder's wallet tells us what is already evident in his actions, that he is indeed the Black Attorney General. Wasn't Reconstruction supposed to be over?

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Anonymous said...

Holder: »[Because of race hostility in whites] I am not the tall U.S. attorney, I am not the thin United States Attorney. I am the black United States attorney. ... no matter how successful you are, there’s a common cause that bonds the black United States attorney with the black criminal or the black doctor with the black homeless person.«

... Race via colour etc IS a seemingly crazy identity-maker. Thumotic solidarity vs great levels of inequality and even exploitation.

An unemploy'd white male would only scoff if Stanley Fish or Stanley Hauerwas or Nancy Pelosi asserted »Primarily I am a white, a Caucasian or whatever. No matter how if you're wealthy and have a prestigious career or if you're homeless, there's a common cause that bonds the white intellectual or politician with the white addict to crystal meth or the white homeless person or the white cashier whose good union-wage job was ship'd overseas.«

But in a way the low-class white ressentiment agitprop make to believe this (western civilization isn't primarily filioque Christianity and its aftermath but "whiteness" or "Caucasianness").

Also believed by white guilt-inflicters re 'white privilege' who karmically link small-change stuff such as that whites aren't as likely to be mistreated by white cops as having caused American slavery: »Who benefits today from slavery and Indian exterminations? Whites who are treated better by cops and store clerks etc [even as America is driven to ruin]. Therefore by the principle of "cui bono?" all whites caused slavery and Indian exterminations.« For these agitators, Western civilization isn't primarily filioque Christianity but whiteness.

I wonder if really a black such as Holder would make vis-a-vis underclass blacks an absurd claim to solidarity. The claim is believeable by whites (whether they resent it or feel guilty), but it might sound rather hypocritical.

According to secularist and Christian liberals, "we" (whites) should see race first of all. We should see the black homeless man and the black attorney general first of all as blacks. Blackness in another person is the cue to feel guilty (my white privilege teleologically caused slavery and Indian extermiantion). And we should NOT feel that our identity is somehow 'neutral' racially: we OUGHT TO see ourselves first of all as white, then male and then heterosexual, and then maybe class advantaged or something as a distant third.

We more or less have Hitler's identity system: white male heterosexual violence-oppression etc. Except that for Hitler, this text is valued affirmatively, whereas for us this text is valued negatively. ... If I am the inheritor of the karma for slavery, exterminations, rape as the deeds of the "shock troops of the patriarchy,"** Freudian orientation change aversion therapy, really I OUGHT to kill myself. If there's someone who merits sloppy capital punishment in Texas or life without parole someplace even worse, I am that guy.

**re shock troops of the patriarchy. If I am not nearly as afraid to walk alone in an underground parking garage, this is male privilege. I accordingly benefit from rapes. Cui bono? Therefore I caused the rapes. Nevermind that I feel my own selfish interests would be better served in a culture without rape, female disprivilege is surely balanced and thus caused somehow by male lack-of-disprivilege in this way. And male lack of disprivilege may as well be deem'd male privilege.

Tim Wise counts as white privilege the reality that public schools in black areas are even more wreck'd than public schools in white areas. Or that whites are less likely to have their lives toasted by "Three strikes and you're out" laws proves a positive white privilege, which by cui bono surely therefore karmically causes the ruin of the lives of black males.

Read my "Post-Freudian Civilization and Its Disco Tents."

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