Thursday, May 26, 2011

They're young

but I recognize the moment.

What it looks like...

and what it feels like:


PNWReader said...

Sorry, this link is unrelated to your post, but I'm wondering if you will have any comment.

St. Croce closed

OreamnosAmericanus said...
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OreamnosAmericanus said...

Someone familiar with Rome sees this as part of a larger message:

OreamnosAmericanus said...

I read the Italian press and it seems that the Vatican has been short on details, merely mentioning liturgical abuses and deviations from monastic life. From my time in Rome, I learned that doing these things outside the City may be tolerated, but doing them under the Pope's nose (pardon the fowl reference) is a no-no, a form of lese majeste. Paul VI deposed and defrocked the abbot of another of the Seven Basilicas back in the 70's, for opposing his opposition to Italian divorce laws.

The Italian Cistercians only have 90 members at this time
in the whole country, so perhaps replacing the Sta Croce members with others was impractical. Its drastic quality certainly sends a message to other monks, though.

My only other guess is that this will allow Rome to install another religious order there, a vigorous one whose lifestyle, liturgy and orthodoxy is more to Ben XVIs liking.

All speculation, though.

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