Friday, May 27, 2011

Global reach

I installed a new app yesterday, that globe thing in the left column. It tells you wherefrom people are hitting your site. Only shows the place name while the connection is live; afterwards it leaves a red dot on the globe. So in about 36 hours...200 or so hits, as follows:

North America: USA (vast majority), Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico. The Old World: Western, Northern and Eastern Rome hits...apparently Benedict XVI can't handle the Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and (I think) one of the coastal emirates.

For South America, Brazil and Argentina. For Asia: India, Vietnam, Phillipines and Korea.

Pretty amazing, really.


Anonymous said...

Yes, quite amazing. ... None from Rome — and none from the Dominican Republic.

Anonymous said...

I see that ex cathedra is read by someone in Ascension (middle of the Atlantic).

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