Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kids' rights, kids' rites

Side by side in the Letters section of the SF Chronicle: a man decrying the ballot issue of banning male circumcision in San Francisco. on grounds of State invasion of the family and the effective banning of Judaism and Islam in the city. Another man proclaiming the right of children not to be mutilated by their parents without consent and the rightness of the State in enforcing that. The first guy is the Catholic Archbishop of SF. I don't care who the second guy is, but he's a symptom. Here:
Thanks for covering the proposed circumcision ban, but I would like to propose different language for your current opinion poll.
"Should government allow parents the right to remove functional tissue from their children when there is no immediate medical need?"
A. No, it violates the rights of the individual child.
B. Yes, the parents' religion might demand human sacrifice.
C. Yes, children have no rights, not even to their own body parts.

Another symptom, two Canadian --wouldn't ya know it--parents have decided to raise their third child without gender, calling him/her Storm and withholding the knowledge of his/her gender even from grandparents.

What do you say to people like this? Even arguing with them feels demeaning, like trying to have a rational discussion with a Marxist or a schizophrenic.

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