Monday, May 23, 2011

Am I wrong?

When Muslims blow up people, places and things, we are constantly treated to the endless use of the words "alleged." And furrowed-brows of the MSM agonizing over what could have possibly driven this young man to such extremes. But when a powerful European male is accused of a sexual assault against a woman, --far harder to prove than a bomb in your SUV--most of the media treats him as, ipso facto, a guilty scoundrel. And it's clearly because he's powerful, privileged, wealthy, or French or male.

And people wonder why I think the West is in a suicidal decline?


LoyalReader said...

Not wrong exactly, but your argument is chock full of omissions.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Dear LR,
Thank you for your interest and opinion. But you omitted the omissions. They are...?

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